My Very First Blog Post

“This is your very first post.” Okay, no pressure then.

So, dear reader, what shall we chat about today? How about, why on earth I’m writing to you? My friend started me on it – she was doing it, so like a child in the playground I copied.

I’m not a child in the playground, I’m actually 23 (and 6 months), 5″3 and a bit soft round the edges. But I like to write, I do it for a living – kind of. I’m ‘in’ marketing, an Assistant Manager don’t you know. I say that all proud as punch now because I was recently promoted, give me a few months and I’m sure the novelty will have worn off don’t worry.

I’ve been having a think about I’m going to be chatting to you about on here. What sort of theme/topics etc. etc…And the truth is DR, (dear reader not Doctor. Though if my little blog has some how made it on to some medical journal then, hello to you – keep up the good the work). Anyway as I was saying, the truth is, there is no theme, probably no hard hitting topics either, just a mixture. A rainbow cake let’s say.

Speak soon,

Little POC.

(Little piece of cake – cute eh!?)



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