My 1 Second Everyday.

So, it was the start of the year – you just have to do something new right DR?

Well, there was no use in me committing to a new diet etc. not with a few days away with friends in my schedule. Instead I took to a new app, after all, there always is an app for that isn’t there.

1 Second every day is simply recording a one second clip of something that happened that day. It can be something to represent the activity or someone/thing that made you smile. Then, by the end of the year you have a  pretty cool 6 minute video of your life.

The idea is that it encourages you to make a point of taking that time to appreciate the small things, even in a day when you’re seemingly doing nothing.

It’s really easy to use – you can only use clips taken from that day though. It’s pretty clever in that it can recognise the date you shot the clip or took the photo, it won’t let you put in an entry for the Saturday that you took on the Sunday. That means you have to remember to shoot something – it does send you notifications each day but if you’re anything like me you’ll just tell the notification to bugger off, carry on with what you’re doing and forget.

But…we’re now 71 days into 2017 (I know – how on earth did that happen?) and I’ve only missed a few days. Admittedly a few of my entries have been of my sleeping cat, but hey – she made me smile that day.

So DR, head over to your app store and start capturing. Appreciate your wonderful every day.

God I sound like the IKEA ad.

Lots of love




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