Nesting: Part II

Last time we had a chat we spoke about nesting. The process of ‘arranging your surroundings to make you feel secure and comfortable’. Basically, I feel ready for and want my own home.

As I mentioned, I’ve been feeling this way for a while and before Christmas I ended up coming to blows with my Mum over it. But broken things can be fixed – I’ve found a few ways to help me cope with it and I want to share them with you DR.

If you’re ready for your own home and you’re not sure where ot start, here’s some tips that have worked for me:

  • Open a save to buy ISA. This is a great government bank account which is pretty great because 1. once you put money in to save, you can’t take it out again – bingo, no more dipping into your savings. 2. the government give you 25% of your savings e.g. save £12k and they make it up to £15k – woohoo!
  • Start having a think about where you want to live and check out apps like Zoopla and Right Move, that will give you an idea about how much deposit you’ll need to save up (usually 10% of the cost of the house if you’re buying with someone else) and what sort of thing you can expect to afford, e.g. 1 bed flat, 2 bed terrace etc.
  • Check out the Halifax mortgage calculator, that’ll give you an idea of how much you’ll be able to borrow and then you can work out how long that’s going to take you.
  • Set yourself realistic expectations. Buying a house is a huge investment, I know we expect things instantly nowadays – but this isn’t one! Saving up for your first home is a big deal and it’s going to take some time. So be patient and be realistic, if you can’t save £500 a month – don’t. Save what you can afford, but be strict on yourself – if you’re commiting to save £200 a month do it, if you don’t it’s only going to take you longer to reach that goal.
  • Now for the fun one: I don’t know about you DR, but I hate that when I see something nice for my home (in the future) I can’t buy it, because fact is: I don’t have my own home yet. So, I’ve started doing something that they used to do in ye olden days apparently: an ‘Under the bed box’


‘Under the Bed Box’

First I bough myself a nice underbed storage box – this grey canvas Habitat one set me back £15 from Argos. I then started filling it with things that I’d love to put in our new home.

You don’t need to rush to fill this up, or even try, but if you see something you love, you can actually buy it now! Yay! Frustration squashed and when you do get to buy that lovely home, you’ll have some things to put in it (and let’s face it, once you spent all that money on a house and fees you won’t have much left to fill it with!)

A few of the things I’ve put in there:

A cute Next candle (one of many lovely ones I was given for Christmas) some distressed tin buckets/vases from the BBC Good Food Show (I thought they’d be cute for herbs on a kitchen window shelf or something!), some Mason Cash mixing bowls and measuring cups and last but not least… Red Head (the BF) and I bought this cute retro metal print from our trip in Budapest. So, you can buy souvenirs for your home from trips together, start collecting things to capture your memories along the way.

As lovely as it will be, moving out is also going to be tough, so surround yourself with things that will make you feel happy and secure.

If you’re reading this DR and have a bed box of your own, I’d absolutely love to see it.

Speak soon,

lots of love

Little POC



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