Daily Prompt: Murmuration: Que Online Dictionary

Have you ever heard of the daily prompt? We get a word and we reply with our interpretation of that word. Nice.

Today is my first go. The word? Murmuration. Great start – I haven’t the foggiest of what it means, but thanks to technology these days, we’re only a type and page refresh away of being a secret genius.

(The funny note here to add to is that spell check keeps wanting me to change it to menstruation. No dear – I know I usually sigh at the thought of you, but today that’s quite amusing).

So, murmuraion, my word for the day, actually means the action of murmuring. OH! Well I wish you’d said, that’s all far clearer to me now.

Actually, upon further Google inspection it’s also a flock of Starlings. Not sure if you’ve ever been luck enough to witness one of these DR (dear reader remember? Think back to my other posts), but they are a thing of beauty.

I’m not going to go all David Attenborough on you and explain why, because the truth is I don’t know why they do this, but I can tell you it’s a true thing of simple beauty. A sky dance where they work in perfect unison. If you can do one thing today, take 2 minutes to clear your head and take a watch.

On a more amusing and childish note – I wonder if they ever fly into each other? Like, “God Susan, you’re all over the place today!”

“Ohh I know Julie, my head’s just not in it”

And as always,

Lots of love – I’m off in true Piece of Cake style to make those cupcakes off the Tesco adverts, wish me luck eh!


p.s. I know the bird in my image is a pigeon, but… I like it.

Daily Prompt: Murmuration


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