My Wonderful. Part 1.

You’re incredible.

Just thinking of your face makes me smile. It makes me feel this sense of warmth and being totally complete – and the truth is, now I’ve been lucky enough to get to know what it feels like to have you in my life, I couldn’t possibly even imagine living mine without you.

Thank you for filling my life with so much happiness. You teach me lessons about how happy someone can make me every day.  You teach me how I can be a better person, because for you I want to be the best person I can be.

I feel like this whole thing is going to be a whole cheesy, cliche mess, but I want to try anyway. I’d like to try and explain to you how much I admire you. Like I said, this is going to be a bit tricky because I genuinely mean it and so I want it to sound sincere.

So let’s start with when we first met. How can someone show such confidence and make someone feel so comfortable at the same time. Though don’t get me wrong…I had a million nervous wees that night before you picked me up and made a fool of myself countless times didn’t I. All I could think was, why on earth would someone like you want to date someone like me? I actually did even think initially that maybe it was for a bit of a joke or because you were bored or something.

And then it happened…I realised just what a good person you are. Often people can be nice, but you’re so much more than that. You’re deep down, a good and decent person. It’s the quality that I love most about you. You have such a kind heart. That lovely kind heart is what has gotten you onto the path you’re on, studying to care for other people. Though I also need to quickly mention that I fell in love with those perfect, dark brown eyes of yours (I don’t think I need to even mention my love for that jaw of yours do I?)

When we first met you weren’t really sure what you wanted to do and where you wanted to go and now look at you. I am so incredibly proud of you. You’ve worked so hard to be the best you can be and not just for your self-satisfaction but also so that you can give people the best help. That’s so commendable. I love your ability to see the good in people and situations. I don’t have a single doubt that you’re going to be the best at what you do. You instantly come across as kind, open and non-judgemental and that’s what makes people feel so free to open up to you.

You’re the kindest, sweetest person I know. I want you to be as happy as you can possibly be and the thought of you not being that makes me feel such hurt. Just the sheer thought of causing you any hurt at all makes me feel such pain – all I want is for you to be happy and so that’s all I will ever try and do – I promise I will only ever make you happy.

You deserve the world and I want to give you everything. You’ve been through such bullshit and that’s it’s just not fair. I’ve named this chapter part 1, that’s because I can’t really fit my admiration of you into this one – I’ll save that for the next one.

So for now, I love you with all my heart, every little bit of me is yours and it always will be.

Speak to you soon,







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