It’s lovely to meet you.

No one should ever feel lonely. Everyone should have someone to talk to, so let’s chat.

We’ll talk about nothing and everything, getting lost in the nonsense and the ‘that makes sense’.

I’m pretty average – and I’m not saying that to knock myself, but there’s nothingĀ out of the ordinary. Though I think you can find something spectacular in everything – most of the time.

Let me paint the picture for you: I’m 23, sat in my dressing gown in a room designed entirely from Pinterest, Ikea and eBay do’ups. I passionately love animals, my favourite quality is thoughtfulness and I’m a planner – I bloody love a list (and wine, but that’s neither here ‘nor there).

Enough of that, let us crack on – head over to my blogspot for some more.

Lots of love

Little POC